September 2010

We are pleased to report that a new reporting guideline especially for laboratory animals. The guideline is the ARRIVE statement published in PLOS Biology.

It seems likely that soon the research community will have a package of guidelines relevant to animals in research. We are involved in or aware of efforts to develop reporting guideline for companion animals and guidelines for observation studies that involve animals (including wildlife).

August 2010

Articles urging the use of reporting guidelines for animal studies.

Three editorials have discussed the relevance and importance of improved reporting of studies that use animals.

MacCallum CJ (2010) Reporting Animal Studies: Good Science and a Duty of Care. PLoS Biol 8(6): e1000413. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000413 June 29, 2010

More, S Improving the quality of reporting in veterinary journals: How far do we need to go with reporting guidelines?
The Veterinary Journal, Volume 184, Issue 3, June 2010, Pages 249-250

Hinchcliff and DiBartola Quality Matters: Publishing in the Era of CONSORT, REFLECT, and EBM Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Volume 24, Issue 1, 2010. Pages: 8–9

June 2010

We are pleased to report that the REFLECT statement has been added as a new category of reporting guidelines for other research fields.

Also the REFLECT statement has been added to the National Library of Medicines Catalog of reporting guidelines.

We hope that by having the REFLECT statement on these sites, a wider group of people will become aware of the use of reporting guidelines in veterinary medicine.

The REFLECT statement was recently highlighted as an article of interest in the newsletter for the EQUATOR network. The EQUATOR network is an the resource center for good reporting of health research studies. The focus of the network is on the on human health

The REFLECT statement was also highlighted as an article of interest by the The Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine Association (EBVMA).

October 1, 2009

We are pleased to announce that several journals plan to publish the REFLECT-statement in Jan-Feb 2010. The publications will enable authors to cite the journal most associated with their area. The REFLECT Statement will be published in Journal of Food Protection (Jan, 2010), Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Jan, 2010), Zoonoses and Public Health (Jan, 2010), Preventive Veterinary Medicine (Jan, 2010), and Journal of Swine Health and Production (Jan, 2010) Authors can use any one of these references when citing REFLECT. The REFLECT Statement should be read in conjunction with the REFLECT Explanation and Elaboration Document, which is published in the Journal of Food Protection, (Jan, 2010) and Zoonoses and Public Health (Jan 2010). The pdf files from these publications will be available at the REFLECT Statement website as soon as they become available